Private Equity Fund with an Integrated ESG Impact Programme (EIP)


The Sylvan Group is an independent private investment firm with an experienced team that has been successfully investing in middle-market companies across the Asia Pacific for 20 years. Our core focus is on mid-sized deep-value companies with strong ESG-compliance across the region. With our wide network with key corporates and leading family offices across the Asia Pacific region, we serve to be a key long-term financial and operating partner to these companies and aim to refine and expand these companies' business across the region.

The Sylvan Group is a licensed Fund Manager with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Sustainable Investment for return and impact

We are investing in companies and assets that can create value and grow by providing
commercial solutions to key challenges facing the world and build more sustainable world.

Focusing on the Middle Market in Asia Pacific Region

The Sylvan Group invests in mid-sized businesses with Enterprise Values ranging from $25m to $250m with a sweet spot of $100m Our core focus is on deep-value companies with strong ESG-compliance



Value-Add with the Sylvan Network

The Sylvan Group is an independent private investment firm solely focused on maximizing shareholder value while placing strong core focus on ESG-compliance. Our wide network across the Asia Pacific region is an excellent platform for companies seeking a partner for value creation.


Highly Experienced Team

Our highly experienced local team has an established track record of working with owners, senior management teams and industry experts to enhance their respective businesses. Our team will ensure that our partners benefit from enhanced fundamental growth as well as an optimized financial position when undertaking such expansions and/or acquisitions


Enhanced Access to Capital for Expansion / Acquisitions

Mid-sized businesses can benefit from increased access to financial and business resources for expansion their businesses with our long-standing network with LP and strategic partners that ensure the success of their expansion / acquisitions. Our teams are highly skilled and experienced in guiding corporates through the acquisition process, which also serves as additional comfort to capital providers


Partnership-based Approach

We aim to be a key partner to corporates and to complement their businesses with our resources together with the experience and insights of our Senior Advisers & Operating Partners. We will ensure that the management teams of our investee companies have the appropriate equity incentive compensation plans that enhances alignment with shareholder interests

Integrated ESG Impact Program

The Sylvan Group is a private investment firm with an integrated ESG Impact Program (“EIP”) We formally incorporate ESG factors into its investment process and employ a specialist ESG & Impact, ‘Impact Square, which is involved from deal origination all the way to exit

The Sylvan Group defines impact investment opportunities by UN Sustainable Development Goals and evaluate the impact by IMP five dimensions (What, Who, How much, Contribution, Risk)

We manage the impact of an investment by taking into account the positive and negative impacts of the underlying enterprises/assets, as well as our own contribution.

• We choose enterprises thatact to avoid harm to their stakeholders, for example decreasing their carbon footprint or paying an appropriate wage; such ‘responsible’ enterprises can also mitigate reputational or operational risk (often referred to as ESG risk management)

• We also favor enterprises that activelybenefit stakeholders, for example proactively upskilling their employees, or selling products that support good health or educational outcomes; an increasing range of these ‘sustainable’ enterprises are doing so in pursuit of financial outperformance over the long term (often referred to as pursuing ESG opportunities).

• We invest in enterprises that are using their full capabilities to contribute to solutions to pressing social or environmental problems, such as enabling an otherwise underserved population to achieve good health or educational outcomes or hiring and upskilling individuals who were formerly long-term unemployed.


We are open for your ideas, opportunities, or feedback.

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