Artemis Health Ventures

Artemis at a glance

Artemis is a patient-centric management support organization for orthopaedic practices offering a full continuum of musculoskeletal care. Artemis aims to provide scalable support services and innovation to its partner practices to promote long-term growth while preserving clinical autonomy for its physicians to focus on providing the highest-quality integrated clinical care for their patients.

DX Imaging

DX Imaging is a leading outpatient diagnostics imaging service provider in Singapore offering a comprehensive range of imaging tools and techniques including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT Scan), X-Ray, Ultrasonography, Mammogram and Bone Mineral Densitometry. DX Imaging commenced operations in 2014 and have since expanded to seven locations islandwide.

SOS (Singapore Orthpaedic Specialist)

SOS is a leading orthopaedic practice in Singapore with 8 orthopaedic surgeons, 1 neurosurgeon and 1 sports medicine physician, offering a broad spectrum of integrated orthopaedic care to both local and international communities since 1995. SOS specialists are fully sub-specialized operating out of 4 clinics in the medical clusters in Singapore - Gleneagles Medical Centre, Mt Alvernia Medical Centre, Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, and Camden Medical Centre.

Impact Story

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are the among the top 3 leading contributor to disability in Singapore (and globally) and can significantly limit mobility and dexterity. These conditions affect one’s quality of life by reducing his or her ability to work and participate in society. With Singapore’s aging population expected to triple in the next decade, Artemis aims to vertically integrate care providers across the entire patient journey to deliver more holistic, efficient and accessible musculoskeletal care for the patients.

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Inclusive Society
Healthcare Services
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Sylvan Asia Growth Fund I
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Artemis https://artemis.com.sg
DX Imaging https://dximaging.com.sg/
SOS https://ortho-intl.com/